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2022 Fashion Summit

today September 13, 2022my_locationBerlin, Germany


Fashion is a visual feast.

Drawing from famous trendsetters, designers, and fashion icons from Queen Henrietta Maria to Jackie Onassis and Jean Paul Gautier.

Fashion endlessly reinvents itself, reflecting society’s trends and innovations. Discover why different looks caught on, from the elaborate ruffs, wigs, and farthingales of the 17th century, to Dior’s “new look” in 1947 and shoulder pads in the 1980s. Find out why for centuries people’s dress was regulated by governments’ “sumptuary rules” and how the invention of new textiles from velvet to lycra influenced clothing design.

Whether you’re part of the fashion industry, a student, or you just love clothes, 2022 Fashion Summit is both a glorious treat and a treasured history.


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Begin September 13, 2022 H 9:30 am
End September 14, 2022 H 5:30 pm
Location Berlin, Germany
Address Budapester Str. 35, 10787 Berlin, Germany
Phone +36 70 702 0432